Secure Group Company is an investment firm founded  in 1992. Secure Group Company seeks to generate attractive long-term returns with limited volatility. Since inception, we have rigorously applied a fundamental bottom-up approach to investing with an ownership mentality. Our objective is to own fractional shares of great businesses, not to rent stocks. We believe our greatest asset, in addition to our loyal investor base, is our people. Many of our employees have been with firm for the bulk of their careers, particularly the leadership team that makes up our Board of Directors.

Secure Group Company is a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.K. subsidiary is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


The core principle that guides our firm. We pledge to provide you with an investment experience based on honesty, transparency and high ethical standards. Integrity is of such importance that without it, the remaining core values are meaningless.


We have established a culture that promotes freedom to provide the best possible investment solution for our clients. Though fiercely independent, we pride ourselves on being interdependent when it comes to sharing strategies that benefit everyone.


In the rapidly changing investment world, we strive to create new processes and services based on leading edge technologies. Our goal is to continue to implement new methods and processes rather than relying on strategies that worked in the past thus initiating positive change for you.


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At Secure Group Company, we seek to preserve and grow our shareholders’ capital for current and future generations.

Best Interest Rates

Secure Group Company offers the best interest rates. Our Regular Savings Plan with guaranteed fixed annual return of 6%-10% and our Single Investment Plan with guaranteed annual returns of 4%-10%.

Easy Application Process

Our 5-minute application process is simple and fast, ensuring the whole process is as easy as possible. It is a 4-step process, and we will help you all the way.

Available in all tradable currencies

None of our accounts has any annual fees, and they are available in all freely tradable currencies. The guaranteed return is net of fees and it is the same regardless of the currency chosen.

24/7 Access to your account

All our customers enjoy 24/7/365 access to their accounts, in a completely secure online environment. You can access your account at any time simply by logging in.

Available worldwide

Secure Group Company welcomes clients from all over the world. We currently serve a large number of international investors.

Confidential Personal Service

Our service is personal and strictly confidential. All our customers have the same level of complete confidentiality and privacy in their business with Secure Group Company.